Drinking water for Beauty


One of the easiest things that you can do to help keep you beautiful is to stop eating foods that are refined and processed. These types of food will cause you to lose essential nutrients that your body needs to rejuvenate and can cause your skin to become dull over time. There are many other reasons to not eat refined foods but this is just one of them.


If you do cook your food make sure to not overcook your veggies and fruits. The reason for this is that when you overcook your food you tend to lose the valuable minerals and nutrients that are contained in them naturally.  Not only will eating raw vegetables and fruit enhance your physical appearance but since you are getting vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients that will naturally enhance your hair and skin. There are also many studies that show these super foods can help your body and mental state.


When you wake up instead of going for that cup of coffee maybe you should try getting a nice glass of cold water and a potassium rich food such as a banana.  The water will hydrate your skin while the potassium will give you the pick me up you need in the morning. By doing this and getting your metabolism and digestive system going early you will also have the added benefit of losing weight.


Using essential oils in your hair can actually slow down the loss of color in your hair. Using Essential Oils like rosemary extract oil, just a few drops mixed with a small amount of olive oil, will help you retain the oils that are naturally lost in your hair.  This also has added benefits such as preventing frizz and dried out hair.


When your nail Polish is Shiny and Glossy everyone will envy you and ask where you got your nails done. This is a really simple tip that not many women take advantage of. Make sure when you do your nails you always put on a clear top coat to protect your nails from scratches and buffs. When you do this you will make your nails last from 7-10 days longer than they normally would.

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6. Start To Practice A Morning Skin Care Regimen

By getting used to doing a daily morning skin care regimen you can be well on your way to beautiful skin. Doing things such as removing all of the oil and dirt from your night of sleeping by using a deep cleanser would be very beneficial and a great start. Then apply a small amount of a mild moisturizer followed by just a little unscented baby powder (if you have oily skin) to keep the oils in your skin at bay.

7. Use a Cream Based Cleanser

It is essential to clean your skin daily in order to have beautiful skin.  You have to be careful which type of cleanser you are using for your daily routine as many can over dry your skin and cause you to lose your essential oils that you need. By using a cream based cleanser you are avoiding this and your skin will not become prone to getting bacteria which can lead to cell damage.

8. Secret of Using Rosewater Instead of Harsh Toners

This is a secret that many professionals use and have kept under wraps until now. By using Rosewater as your toner you will not only gain a radiant youthful look but rosewater contains minerals that  can keep your skin moisturized and can help prevent sun damage.

9. You Must Get Enough Sleep

When you are worried about your beauty one of the most essential things that you can do is to get enough sleep. Make sure that you get at least 7 hours of peaceful sleep nightly. Go to sleep without the TV on so you can fall into your deep sleep faster. By doing this you are giving your body the rest it needs to rejuvenate yourself and you will see a drastic difference on your skin.

10. Your Body Needs Plenty Of Water

If you want to avoid wrinkles, have a glowing skin tone, and remove the bags from your eyes you need to make sure to drink plenty of water. Try to drink 4 bottles of water daily in order to maintain your body’s moisture. Water also has the added benefit of flushing toxins from your system as well as helping you maintain a balanced weight. There are even studies going on that show drinking very cold water can boost your metabolism.

11. Try Drinking Milk Daily

A little known secret is that by drinking milk every day you can enhance and maintain your beauty. It can be skim milk or 2% to cut down on the calories and fat. By drinking milk you are re nourishing your body with the essential nutrients that are needed for your hair and your bones. Milk can also make your skin look and feel softer as well as bring more vibrance to your eyes.

12. Keep your Toners and Rose Water In The Refrigerator in The Warmer Months

As you know using toners and rose water can help refresh your skin all year but especially in the months of Spring and Summer.. By keeping them refrigerated you are not only preserving the natural benefits but you will fell much more refreshed when using them. Many women are also now spraying their faces with their toners and floral waters using a mister that you can buy in any beauty supply store.

13. Some Common Sense Never Ever Pick Your Pimples

We all know that having blemishes and acne problems on your face can affect your overall beauty. Recent studies have shown that by picking your pimples you are helping them to grow and spread. It is like a seed that you are spreading in your pores to get even more bacteria.. If you want yet another reason to stop picking at your face think of this. Every time you pick your skin you are causing damage to thousands of cells that are in your skin. This leads to other problems in the future

14. Exfoliate your hands as Well As your Face

Your hands have always been associated with beauty for as far back as history is documented.  You pamper your face but sometimes you neglect your hands . You should try to exfoliate your hands at least once every two weeks. Use a natural exfoliating liquid to lightly exfoliate your hands. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals as it can cause excessive peeling and reddening of your skin. Use the liquid in circular motions to obtain the best effects.

15. Get Rid Of Ugly Yellow Nails

Having yellow nails, whether on your fingers or toes is rather ugly don’t you think. It is not that difficult to get rid of yellow nails as you can make a home whitening kit for yourself for the cost of a Latte. Take some rose water, or water with rose petals and add some lemon juice. Add some distilled water, a small amount, to the solution. Dip your hands in the solution for about 10 minutes and remove. Do this daily for about a week and you will have beautiful white finger nails.

16. This one might be a little difficult but try replacing the candy with fruit

– Don’t think you are alone in your urges for sweets because you are not. But if you try to calm your urges by eating fresh fruit you will lose the desire to eat candy over time. This is because the fruit contains natural sugar that your body craves. Think of this, the sugar that is contained in candy can not only make you gain wait but it can also increase the size of the blackheads on your skin.

17. Treat yourself and your skin to a facial monthly

– A facial has many benefits when done monthly because it helps your skin have more blood flow which can help your skin’s collagen and elasticity. As you know it also help your skin to look absolutely radiant and smoother.

18. A little makeup can go a long way

– Stop overdoing your makeup because you want your natural beauty to show. There are a couple of reasons to use less makeup. The first is that the “Clown” look went out out of style a few decades ago and the second reason is that by using less makeup your skin can breathe better and get the nutrients it needs for natural beauty.

19. Try to Use Lip Balm All The Time

– Many people look at your eyes first and your lips second so you want to make sure that your lips are beautiful as well as your eyes. Lip balm is essential to keep your lips moisturised and prevent chapping. Also make sure to use the better quality lip balms in order to keep your lips soft.

20. Make Sure To Take Care Of The Skin Around Your Eyes

– Of all the skin on your body the most sensitive is the skin surrounding your eye. We are constantly moving it as we blink nearly 23,000 times every day. TNever pull or stretch your skin by applying makeup too roughly. You are causing wrinkles and crows feet if you do.

21. Make Sure You Are Aware of Your Weight

– The way you look is very dependent on your weight. This does not always mean you are overweight. Every woman has a different body type and being self aware of your weight is not only good for your health but also your beauty. Being too heavy or too skinny is never good. There is middle ground where the beauty will lie. Making sure your clothes fit properly based on your body size and type will work wonders for your overall appearance.

22. Your Second Home Should Not Be The Kitchen

– Besides for the fact that you get tempted by the stuff in the cabinet grease can be found in the air from cooking. This grease can get into your pores and cause you to have a poor complexion.

23. Reduce Your Stress Level

– I know this is a difficult one to work on but if you can pull it off just a little you will notice a significant difference in fine lines and wrinkles. Your face naturally knows when you are stressed and respond to how you feel, causing frowning and other facial expressions. It is also a proven fact that stress can cause acne problems.

24. Try To Avoid Foods With Too Many Oils

– There are two reasons to avoid foods that contain too much oil. The first is because they are not healthy for you and can lead to weight gain and other problems. The second reason is that the oils in the food seeps through your pores and can cause blotchy skin, acne, and blackheads. When using oil tru yo use Olive Oil instead of basic oil blends.

25. Stop Touching Your Face

– Your hands are full of bacteria and grime from everything you are touching all day. When you touch your face you are not only spreading this bacteria to your face but you are also irritating it. Many people have a tendency of touching their face and you might too and not even realize it. Pay attention to your own habits.

26. Avoid Over Exposure To The Sun

– Many people have to stay in the sun for work or life but the sun can have detrimental affects on your skin. Being exposed to too much sun not only puts you at risk for developing skin cancer but it also dries out your skin.

27. Acne Needs To Be Dealt With

– Many times mild acne can be treated at home with solutions and natural remedies. The problem is when it comes to severe acne. You may feel like your acne can not be cured but this is not true. Visit a board certified dermatologist and you will be glad you did.

28. Stop Using Multiple Treatments At Once

– Many times when people have acne or other skin conditions they make the mistake of trying to treat the problem with too many products at the same time. This will never work as you are going to irritate your skin which can also cause your pH levels to get out of whack. Before you make this mistake try to give the one product time to work. Never expect to get immediate results.

29. You Need To Wear Proper Clothing

– Have you ever heard the expression “The Suit Makes The Man”? This is also true for women as the way you dress will directly impact the perception of how others will see you. This will also help you to feel better about yourself which is the most important thing. Always make sure to wear proper fitting and comfortable clothing.

30. Be Careful What You Are Putting In Your Hair

– Avoid using Excessive Hair Sprays or Gels in your hair. These items contain Alcohol and other ingredients that can dry out an irritate your scalp. And what makes it worse is if you have longer hair that touches your face. This can cause irritation on your skin as well. So use them in moderation.

31. Spring Summer VS Fall-Winter Clothing

– One of the most known ways of keeping up your beautiful appearance is having 2 sets of wardrobe. One for the hotter months and one for the cooler part of the year. Besides having 2 sets of clothing you should also know what types of makeup coverage to use. In the Spring and Summer your skin needs much less coverage than in the colder months. Your skin will thank you.

32. Using Coconut Oil In Your Hair During the Winter

– Your hair can become very dried out in the winter and you might not even realize the slow process. It will eventually start to become brittle and your dead ends will become more noticeable. To counter act this you can use coconut oil in your hair. If you have an allergy to coconut you can use avocado oil.

33. Do A Yearly Makeup Kit Check

– A big mistake that many women make is that they don’t check their makeup every year. Ladies let me tell you something, Makeup and skin care products all expire. Every year you should take the time to go through your case and make sure that there is no expired products. It can really be bad for your skin.

34. Maintain Your Hair Brushes

– Do you have a hairbrush that is loaded with hair? If it is then that means you have a bacteria filled mess that you are brushing your hair with every day. You care adding the chemical and dirt that your body fights to get rid of back into your hair. Make sure to keep those brushes clean ladies.

35. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Everyday

– I know this might sound disgusting to some of you but it is a proven fact that if you shampoo your hair everyday you will damage your scalp. Shampoo your hair 6 days a week then let it rest for one day. If you have dandruff this will drastically help those flakes.

36. Trim Your Hair Every 6 Weeks

– Trimming your hair on a regular basis can help your hair grow out healthy. This will show in the gloss of your hair as well as the dead split ends.

37. Condition Your Oily Hair Properly

– If you have oily hair make sure to condition it properly by avoiding the roots. Oily hair can be avoided by using conditioner about an inch away from your scalp rather than directly on it.

38. Stop Using Sulfate Filled Shampoos and Conditioners

– When you shop for shampoos and conditioners take a few seconds to look at the label to ensure they are not over using sulfates. The higher on the ingredient list the more they are using. Sulfates may act to clean your hair but it is also very harmful to your hair at the same time.

39. Stop Wearing Makeup To Bed

– Do You Like Dry Skin? Do you Like Acne? If you said not to either of those remove your makeup before you are going to bed. By leaving the makeup on you are not giving your skin time to breath and rejuvenate in it’s natural process. They call it beauty sleep for a reason and is not because of the makeup you have on.

40. Exfoliate Your Skin

– You may not even see it but everyone has dead skin which can build up and cause your appearance to fade. The best way to combat this is to exfoliate your skin every week. Don’t overdo it or you may end up drying and even burning your skin.[/sociallocker]

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