1. Get in Shape.

I know it may seem obvious but one of the things that you can do is get in shape. If you are carrying extra weight that you don’t want it may be hard to find the clothing you would love to wear. Do this for your self and nobody else. If you feel you are too heavy and would like to get in shape push your self so that your self esteem will grow. Again, only do this for yourself because if you do it for anyone else you will never keep the weight off.

2. Build Self Confidence In Yourself

It does not matter what type of fashion you wear if you don’t have self confidence.  Confidence make your style by the way you carry yourself, the way you walk, the way you stand, and the way you wear the clothing you have. Make sure that the style you wear compliments your body shape and skin tone. If you have have seld confidence you are 80% of the way towards having good fashion sense.

3. Make Sure To Smile.

What better way to compliment your style than with a beautiful smile. If you  are smiling your beauty will stand out from the crowd. People around you will feel more at ease with you and you know what they say, the friendlier and more confident you are, the more you will be looked up to and that is one of the keys to being your own style.

4. Is Your Hair Done?

Being fashionable always means that you should be the complete package. If you have gorgeous clothing but you have floppy lopsided hair what would people notice? The first thing they will notice is your flawed hair.  When looking for the best hair style make sure that it compliments your clothing as well as your beautiful face.

5. Taking care of your skin Face and Body.

When looking to be fashionable ou have to make sure you have radiant glowing skin to go along with your hair style and fashion choice. The way that your skin looks goes hand in hand with fashion. You want people to say WOW when they see you as a complete package and the more compliments you receive the more you will want to keep pushing to get that beautiful complexion. (Don’t over do Make-up, the orange face and the white neck look went out in the??? Was that ever in style?)

We will be adding new tips daily so make sure to bookmark us.

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