Hey, if you are like me, sometimes I feel like I am carrying everything I own in my purse…so why is there always something I need that’s just not in there? Deciding what to carry in your purse can be hard. Whether your purse is too small to fit that must need iPad in or you just can’t be bothered to carry around a heavy bag. These are some of the many essentials that every woman should carry around so you don’t have the same problem.

NOTE: A lot of these things are sold at the Dollar Store.  There are tons of coupons here that you can use for some of theses things which makes them basically FREE!


1) Hand sanitizer:
At the grocery store I grab a cart that’s been used 100 times and never wiped down. When I meet someone new I shake their hand. Every now and then I sneeze into my own hands. For these and so many other reasons, hand sanitizer is a must.  ALWAYS have hand sanitizer on hand. There’s some pretty nasty stuff out there.  Bed, Bath & Beyond has a Mix & Match PocketBac 5 for $5 deal right now. If you gotta use it, at least use something that smells good. Here’s a few of the different winter smells you can pick from.

Bed, Bath & Beyond sanitizer


2) Safety pins/buttons:
Can I begin to tell you how mortified I’ve been when I looked down and saw that, yep, my blouse is missing a button and it’s the middle of the day and I’m still at work, what am I supposed to for the next few hours? Safety pins and buttons can come in very handy.

3) Hair items:
I always keep a few hairbands, a hairbrush and bobby pins in my purse. They’re especially handy when I find myself over heated and need to pull my hair back.

4) Aspirin:
A headache can put a damper in my whole day. By keeping a travel sized bottle of aspirin I’m able to banish that headache to some far away place and get back to the important things I needed to do.

5) Notebook and pen:
Normally I like to use the note application in my phone to store information. This doesn’t work when I need to write directions down for a tourist or for an emergency like when my battery dies. A small notebook from a local bookstore and any pen will do.

6) $20 dollar bill:
This is for when you discover you’re debit card’s been demagnetized, your wallet’s been stolen, or you find that for some reason you need to take a cab. It’s best not to carry too much cash around.

7) Compact mirror:
I hate it when there is something in my eye and no mirror in sight. What about checking your teeth after that salad you ate for dinner? I guess you could always ask a stranger if your hair looks okay, but if you’ve got a little mirror you can do it yourself.
8) Tampon or pad: I can’t imagine anything worse than needing a tampon and not having one. By keeping one in my #bag I’m always prepared. And even if I don’t need it, I might run into a lady in the bathroom that does need one. How much is she going to love me when she see that I came prepared?!

9) Mints or gum:
How much do you hate it when someone has to speak to you after eating tuna for lunch? Don’t make the same mistake yourself. Save any embarrassment and keep this one in your bag at all times! #Bad breath can be quite a turn off.

10) Lipstick or lip balm: I think that at any given moment, I have about 10 different lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses in my bag. I could try to come up with some excuse for my addiction, but why? My lips love me for it. They’re never dry and they hardly get chapped.

11) A small pack of tissues:
One thing that can help with keeping cleanis a small pack of tissues that you can stick in your bag. There are so many instances when they came to my rescue, especially when i got the case of the sniffs, spilled a drink and needed to wipe my fingers!

12) Deodorant:
Deodorant is my lifesaver during long and busy days. I hate running around especially during those hot summer days and feel self conscious about my odor. So I try to keep a #baby deodorant in my bag at all times for the moments when I need to freshen up!

13) Roll on perfume:
I like to keep a roll-on bottle of my favorite perfume so I can freshen up anywhere. I just roll a few drops onto my wrists and neck, and tend to catch the addicting scent throughout the day. Not only is it the perfect size to keep in my purse, but it’s also convenient.

14) Flats:
I am a complete high heel shoe lover, so it’s important for me to keep a pair of #flats in my bag for those long walks to my next destination. Get a pair of Toms.  Right now you can get $10 off $50 order AND free shipping too. Use the code VETERANS. You can never have enough shoes!

So, my question is…..what’s in your bag?



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Leena Bijou
5 years ago

Awesome post.Definitely the must have’s every Women should possess in their purse.These all are the basic requirements a women need in day to day basis life .