With so many beauty products available to us today, it can be extremely difficult to decide on just one.  It’s easy to waste a ridiculous amount of time picking up every product in the skincare aisle and debating whether or not you should give it a try.  If you are looking to save yourself some time, you can always try these must-have products that are being buzzed about:

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1) Get Luscious Locks with a Hair Mask

Using too many heat products on our hair can damage it, making it dry and brittle.  The good news is that you can restore your hair’s natural beauty with an expert hair mask.  The Absolue Kératine Ultimate Renewal Mask from Rene Furterer is silicone-free and uses plant-based keratin and camelina oil to nourish and protect your hair so that you can get your luscious locks back once more.  We all have different hair types, but this renewal mask seems to work well with just about any hair type out there.

2) Banish Wrinkles and Fine Lines

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic.  While some may accept this natural aging process, others are less willing to give in to their wrinkles.  For those who want to turn back time, Forever Flawless has the answer.  Their Diamond-Infused Face-Lifting Serum is formulated to lift, tighten, and firm the skin while encouraging your skin cells to produce more elastin.  Follow it up with their face-lifting cream for the best age-defying results.

3) Eliminate Acne

Tea tree oil can be used for so many purposes that it is a must-have product in anyone’s home.  From healing skin infections to curing bad breath, tea tree oil does it all.  One of its more common uses is treating acne because it can kill the bacteria that dwells underneath your skin.  The main ingredient in Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment is tea tree oil, and it is getting a reputation for being an excellent acne eliminator.


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4) Expert Lashes

Forgetting to swipe on mascara after applying cat eye makeup is a huge no-no.  Avoid this mistake with Wet N’ Wild’s Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara.  This mascara is made specifically for cat eye makeup and encourages users to always finish their look, thanks to a brush that is tapered on one end.  It is perfect for those who love to nail their cat eye makeup look, and this product claims that it will give you 35 percent longer lashes.

5) Blend Makeup Like a Pro

If you think that your makeup tools aren’t just as important as your actual makeup, think again.  This Artis Elite Smoke Oval 8 Brush is a must-have for those who want to blend their foundations like the pros do.  The dense and soft filaments of the brush make blending your makeup easy, and the sleek design will look chic in your bathroom.

6) Moisturizer

If you want your skin to look amazing today, tomorrow, and well into the future, a good moisturizer is essential.  Oceane’s Black Pearl Anti-Aging Cream uses genuine pearl powder to give your skin a radiant glow while also battling the signs of premature aging.  Pearl powder has gotten a lot of buzz lately for its ability to make your skin look younger than ever before.  Our skin starts aging at 24, and moisturizing your body every day is key to keeping it looking amazing in our later years.  Having this product in your arsenal is a must for 2016 if you want to fool people about your true age.

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7) Brighten Your Brows

Impeccable brows are receiving more attention on red carpets and runways this year, and it’s time to catch up with this latest trend.  Pixi’s new Brow Brightener in Golden Glazer is perfect for those who want to brighten their brows and avoid over-doing it.  This product keeps your hairs in place all day and gives them an illuminating effect with a hint of luster.  It also makes your eyes look more awake and lifted with its subtle brightening abilities.

8) Beautiful Nails

Gel manicures have been popular for a while now, and every salon seems to offer this option over a regular manicure.  Not long after its invention, gel nail products flooded the beauty market, allowing you to give yourself a gel manicure.  The only question is: Which one is best?  It is no doubt a difficult question to answer, but one that stands out is Wet N’ Wild’s 1-Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish.  This gel polish is available in 24 different colors and lasts an incredibly long time.  The best part is that they are only $4.99 each.

9) Bye, Bye Dark Spots

Say goodbye to pesky blemishes and dark spots with No7 Airbrush Away Foundation.  This excellent foundation is ultra-lightweight, and it only takes a few drops to smooth out your skin tone.  This product is great for those who want to conceal dark spots and blemishes without irritating their skin or causing breakouts.  It also rubs into your skin well and helps reduce signs of wrinkles.

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10) Kissable Lips

Dry, cracked lips are not only painful, but they are also a huge bummer whenever you look in the mirror.  Winter can take a toll on our lips, and everyone should have Vaseline Lip Therapy in their bag to keep them healthy all year long.  This lip balm comes in a premium steel tin that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and comes in a variety of fun fragrances.  Anyone who puts on lip gloss or lipstick should use this product first, because well-moisturized lips are the key to flawless and long-lasting lipstick.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Jennifer Links, with ForeverFlawless for submitting this post.


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