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The cost of cosmetic surgery is scarring. The reason is that people will still do it even when the cost is inhibiting. The inhibiting costs have however led to many people turning to the do it yourself. It may be considered inferior and less expensive, but at times, it gives even better results than when a cosmetic dentist does it. Some people will brush this off and talk ill of it, but I assure you that there are some truth and significant benefits in the DIY beauty hacks. I, however, want to urge readers to be careful of the DIY process and hacks that they hear. Do not choose blindly. Below are some of the hacks that could answer and solve all your problems on beauty and looks.

Drink a bottle or mug of water after brushing your teeth

When we are asleep, we lose a lot of moisture as we exhale. In most of the times, we sweat a lot at night and end up losing a lot of water. We may find our bodies dehydrated in the morning when we wake up. It is important to make sure that you replenish by drinking enough water the first thing you wake up in the morning immediately after brushing your teeth. Keeping your body moisturized is an important thing for your skin. The surface is larger than all other body organs and requires a lot of moisture. Drinking enough water in the morning may work in protecting you from sun damage skin.

Use honey as a face mask

Make sure to use raw honey so as to get the best results. Processed honey may not contain the required relaxing agent found in natural honey. Apply natural honey on your face with your hands. Leave it for ten minutes then wash off with warm water. For people especially teenagers whose skins are acne prone, natural honey has antibacterial properties that are very helpful to the skin. After the procedure, some people may experience some irritation as the toxin is being drawn from the skin. After some time, the ace and irritation disappear, and your skin looks better than before.

Evening primrose oil for healing spots

When spots are healing, there may be swelling that leads to redness of the spots. You can apply primrose oil capsule on sore pimples in the evening after washing your face clean with warm water. If you let it stay overnight, you will have better results. Primrose oil has anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce redness in the face. This hack also works to repair the sun damage skin after a long day in the sun.

Make it a routine to use Vaseline

Vaseline is simple but has a lot of effect on our body. It plays many roles in protecting and maintaining our body, and we do not know or appreciate this. For those people with rough hands and legs, make sure that you apply Vaseline correctly on your palms and feet. Then wear fluffy gloves and socks before you sleep. It will help to soften the hand and the feet. For those people that apply dye on the hair, applying a layer of Vaseline around the neck, ears and hairline prevents your skin from getting stained by the dye. Most ladies also use Vaseline to tame and help shape unruly eyebrows. It is also a good dedicated moisturizer for the skin.

Use an orange to exfoliate

Using an orange to peel is easy. Many people do not have time to make homemade lotions using lemon. Instead, they just cut the orange into two halves. Apply juice on the face. Oranges contain acid and large amounts of Vitamin C that act as an exfoliator.

Keep your beauty products in the fridge

Yes, it helps to store beauty products in a chilled environment. It may not be possible to store all of them in the refrigerator, but products like lipsticks, nail varnishes, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils can be stored in the fridge. Polishes and varnishes stored in the refrigerator last longer and retain their thickness. The pencils become firm, and they thus give sharp lines that add a lot to your beauty.

Use lemon juice and peels to remove tough stains

When you apply dark nail polishes for long, your nails may get stained. You can peel a lemon and rub it on your nails to remove the stains. Dipping nails in lemon juice also makes them whiter.

Baking powder a teeth whitener

Take a tablespoon of baking powder and make a mixture using a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply on your teeth and you will get rid of all the stains.

Serum in your foundation

Add just a few drops of serum in your foundation. The foundation will give your face a bright glow that will enhance your look. It will also work similar to best wrinkle creams.

Shave your legs last

Many people get irritated after shaving the hair on their legs. You can take care of this by taking a hot shower first before shaving. Warm water helps in opening the pores and relaxing the hair making shaving easy.


Making the above beauty hacks a routine helps you enhance your beauty at a slashed cost. Be careful to follow instructions correctly so as to attain results.


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