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Skincare Over 40; It’s Never Too Late to Look, Young

Every woman should be armed with an arsenal of essential beauty products accompanied by an effective skin care routine. These two components lay the foundation for each woman to maintain youthful looking skin. Beauty experts advocate that adequate personal beauty care should start from a young age. The importance of preserving skin condition at latter stages should not be underestimated either. Women who are in their 40s tend to prioritize other commitments over personal beauty routine. They are mostly preoccupied with their careers and family, neglecting to provide much need nutrients to their skin. To help this group of women, highlighted below are some of the best skincare habits to adopt.

Gentle Cleansers

As the hormone levels fluctuate randomly after the age of 40, the skin becomes more vulnerable and gets dehydrated easily. This easily causes acne and blemishes to appear. Experts highly recommend gentle cleansers that can remove any impurities from the face but yet retain the natural oil content that the face produces. Cleansers that utilizes natural extracts provide an added incentive to women over 40. They contain less acid and are not as harsh as other chemical formulas.


As the skin loses its ability to produce and retains moisture, it requires external help to stay hydrated. Women over 40 should rely on moisturizers to provide their skin with the necessary moisture. Rely on moisturizers that contain antioxidants as they help to neutralize free radicals as well. Alternatively, moisturizers that contain lipids can help to repair the skin’s protective barrier against harmful elements. The natural barrier can be damaged by impurities in the environment and allow essential moisture to escape. Although the skin can rebuild this barrier naturally, it would mean that other functions such as collagen generation is neglected.

Eye Care

The thinnest layer of skin is found around the eyes. It is ironic that one of the most important parts of the body is protected by the least amount of skin. This begs the question of how to choose the eye cream most suitable for each woman. Due to its lack of depth, the skin surrounding the eyes can become dehydrated easily and are more susceptible to damage. These factors help the growth of wrinkles and fine lines. Depending on each woman’s skin condition, different eye creams can satisfy varying objectives. Look for eye creams that contain proteins and hyaluronic acid as they actively hydrate and tone the skin under the eye. Also, eye care products that contain caffeine are useful against puffy eyes, and antioxidants can help to repair any skin damage.


The skin’s increased vulnerability makes sunscreens its best companion. As every woman faithfully put on perfume before heading out, they should do the same with sunscreens. They provide much-needed protection against the sun’s UV rays and minimizes the damage caused by impurities in the environment. Notably, sunscreens help to prevent skin cancer as well. Nowadays, the labels on sunscreens can be rather confusing. As a general rule of thumb, look for products that indicate its broad spectrum functionality and SPF 15 protection. More sunscreens are also equipped with hydrating elements to help moisturize the skin at the same time.

Less Makeup

Many women rely on temporary solutions to cover their aging skin. The easiest and most trusted way is to apply heavy layers of makeup and concealer. Unknown to them, this method does more harm than good. The brief moments of relief are accompanied by long-term negative effects. Makeup might help to hide the wrinkles and fine lines for a day. However, it accentuates these skin defects in the long run. Rather than piling on the makeup to look younger, it is more advisable to consult with professional dermatologists on a regular basis. With their specific expertise, they are capable of suggesting a suitable skin care regimen according to each woman’s unique skin condition.


The majority of the professionals agree that skin care should start at a young age when the skin is still tender and fresh. However, they neglect to highlight that skincare is equally as important in the latter stages. As most women over 40 are preoccupied with other aspects of life, they either neglect to abide by their skin care regimen or set aside less time for it. The suggestions mentioned above should be sufficient to help this group of women regain their skincare momentum and continue their progress towards the youthful looking skin.


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